Juniper vMX – i40e Module Upgrade

NOTE: I originally published this page in 2018; instructions may now be out of date.

Juniper has provided an updated copy of the i40e module to resolve the “PF reset” issues that occur on vMX routers when using SR-IOV. The new driver release is version 2.4.101.

IMPORTANT: At the time of writing you cannot use the latest release of the firmware for the Intel I350/X520/X710 NIC’s. If you do upgrade the firmware (eg. to the Dell supplied 18.8.9 release) you CANNOT roll the firmware back and the NIC’s will show as NO-CARRIER. Do not upgrade the firmware to this release for now.

To install this driver you must re-deploy the vMX, so make sure you have the tar.gz file handy. You can probably run ./ --cleanup instead (as a copy of the image is made on deployment) but to be safe I will upgrade the driver from scratch.

  1. Download a copy of the driver from here.
  2. Extract a new copy of the vMX.
  3. Delete the directory vmx/driver/i40e-2.1.26 that was extracted with the vMX. This directory will be replaced with the updated driver.
  4. Extract the driver downloaded in step 1.
  5. Move the extracted driver to vmx/driver/i40e-2.1.26.

You can then proceed with the vMX deployment (./ -lv --install). After installation verify that the driver has been updated with ethtool -i <INTERFACE>, eg.:

root@server:/home/vMX-18.3R1-S1# ethtool -i eno1
driver: i40e
version: 2.4.101
firmware-version: 6.01 0x80003484 1.1747.0

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