Juniper vMX – Enable Tunnel Services (GRE)

NOTE: I originally published this page in 2018; instructions may now be out of date.

If you will be creating GRE tunnels on a Juniper vMX device you will first need to enable the tunnel services. If you do not do this you will not have any GRE interfaces available on the FPC.

  1. Log into the vMX routing engine and enter configuration mode.
  2. Enable the tunnel services:
set chassis fpc 0 pic 0 tunnel-services bandwidth 10g
  1. Commit the configuration to apply it.

You will then be able to use gr-0/0/0 for GRE tunnels, they can be configured the same as any other Juniper device which supports GRE tunnels.

GRE Interface Example

This is a sample GRE interface configuration:

gr-0/0/0 {
    description "GRE Tunnels";
    unit 0 {
        description "GRE Tunnel Example";
        tunnel {
        family inet {
            mtu 1400;
            tcp-mss 1360;
        family inet6 {
            mtu 1400;
            tcp-mss 1360;
            address fd12:3456:f:ff2a::1/64;

In this case I set a low tcp-mss and MTU due to the GRE tunnel running over IPSEC. If you are using IPSEC on a vMX device, check out the instructions to enable the adaptive services interface here.

Possible Problems

On some hosts I have experienced an issue where the GRE tunnel will not pass any traffic. To fix that I changed the bandwidth from 10g to 1g. If you experience the same problem, it might we worth trying this first:

set chassis fpc 0 pic 0 tunnel-services bandwidth 1g

Changing the bandwidth from 10g to 1g will also cause the GRE interfaces to rename, the GRE interface will change from gr-0/0/0 to gr-0/0/10. If you have any defined GRE tunnels you will need to rename the interface as well:

edit interfaces
rename gr-0/0/0 to gr-0/0/10

If you also have the gr-0/0/0 interface defined anywhere else (perhaps under protocols or routing-instances) you will also need to change those. You can quickly check by using this command:

run show configuration | display set | grep gr-0/0/0

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