Juniper QFX TCAM Usage

The following commands will show you the current TCAM usage on a QFX series switch. Especially for QFX5100 devices, the TCAM is very small and only a limited number of firewall filters can be installed. If the TCAM is full you will have issues such as the loopback firewall filter allowing all traffic.


Use the command show pfe filter hw summary to view a summary of the TCAM usage.


Log into fpc0 and use show filter hw 3 show_term_info:

> start shell
% vty fpc0

TFXPC0(vty)# show filter
Program Filters:
   Index     Dir     Cnt    Text     Bss  Name
--------  ------  ------  ------  ------  --------

Term Filters:
   Index    Semantic    Name
--------  ----------------
       1  Classic   accept-only
       2  Classic   classify-accept
       3  Classic   protect-re

TFXPC0(vty)# show filter hw 3 show_term_info
Filter index   : 3

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