WordPress wp-cron.php with Systemd Timer


The wp-cron.php script for WordPress handles various scheduled events (such as checking for updates, publishing scheduled posts and more). By default this will be executed at each page load (to check if anything needs to be done). A common recommendation is to disable this and instead run it as a cron job. We deal with […]

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Linode Longview with MariaDB 10.5+


At the time of writing, the Linode Longview agent is not working with MariaDB 10.5 onwards. This happens because there is a hard coded binary name in the Perl script responsible for determining if MySQL monitoring is required; from MariaDB 10.5 the binary name has changed from mysqld to mariadbd. To fix this the Perl […]

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Linux Interface Names


For convenience I like to name the interfaces for my desktop/laptop in an easy to remember convention so that I don’t need to think about what the interface names are at all when running things like tcpdump. The best way I have found to do this is with udev rules. The original interface names will […]

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KDE Plasma Thermal Monitor “Off”


The KDE Plasma Thermal Monitor widget has an annoying issue where the temperature sources will sometimes show as “Off” after rebooting. This seems to have broken around Ubuntu Groovy for me. This is a well known issue as referenced on the KDE forum among other places. To fix, I edited ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.thermalMonitor/contents/ui/main.qml. This line needed to […]

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